This letter from Barbara,Joe,& Dundee to "Kellie" was written on Sunday, January 15, 2012"Kellie"

Dear "Kellie",

When you were 6wks. old I knew something was wrong with your eyes as they did not open all the way as your other 3 siblings.My husband said to go ahead and give you away to someone,but my heart said no.The Dr. said you had a birth defect and would never see in your lifetime,but for 17 wonderful years I had with you,you saw us.You were one Amazing little dog and never seemed to care or know you were different.You brought such joy and Love into our lives with you being here and Hubby nicknamed you "TweetHeart".When you were 4yrs. old I brought home a 6wks. old Pom,who we named and you knew as "Dundee".He was solid white like you and loved you so much.When you left us on 11/29/11 at the Drs. office and we brought you back home to "rest" Dundee still looks and searches for you.He got so bad after 3wks.of us both grieving I had to start paying attention to him,being the age of 13yrs. now ,I was afraid I would lose him too.He's doing a lot better ,but stays close to me.I can't bring myself to move your bed or blanket yet,I just want something of you still here.He gets in it every once in awhile checking your scent,and I still look toward it and can picture you there.I ordered you a beautiful grave marker and it has your picture ,poem,and a big Pink Heart on it,with your Nickname "TweetHeart."I'm trusting God to have a Place for wonderful creatures as you and I saw you in a dream and the sun was shining on you and you turned your head and Looked at me and actually saw me for the first time.I hope that was God's way of telling me He had you and you'll be fine.We'll never forget you My Kellie,and you are resting beside your Moma at the front of the yard where you use to chase squrriels that you could hear and not see.Lord help me when Dundee's time comes as I've turned All my affection to him,and he's become the most precious consoler I have,but I will place him beside you,where he stayed when you were here.You Look for me when my time comes as I will be Looking for you and all the others that's went on before you.For the first time you will be able to SEE me because you already know how much you were Loved and now Missed so badly,it just don't seem the same without you.Play in the Sun,TweetHeart" and we'll All be together again SomeDay,in God I'm Trusting that WILL Happen.Untill then We Love you,and You will Never be "Forgotten". Always in My Heart******Your Human Moma, Barbara & Dundee.

Missing You,

Barbara,Joe,& Dundee