This letter from B. HA, I. to MIJI was written on Thursday, November 22, 2018MIJI


I miss you girl. Never got a chance to say goodbye, or properly grieve when I was younger. When mom came home with her tail between her legs that evening I knew something shapely wrong had been committed. She claims you got loose and ran ahead like you playfully did all the time but remained tentative and disciplined, when demanded or asked of. She claimed you were dognapped and she tried looking for you all over the place, which where was the immediate scene of your disappearance. As soon as she turned the corner to anticipate your adorable self, you vanished with no trace, or witnesses saying anything about information that may or may not have lead to our rescue and returned of you. By then when I was made aware, I had quickly surveyed the neighbouring buildings and asked the local tenants, and neighbourly elderly that are always about having there presence known that, where they are currently congregating is their neighbour "bench". WHICH THEY, believe it or not are the eyes, ears, and gossip of the hood. There is no reason why they would lie unless they are suspects and guilty.

I missed you all these years and have had my heart broken. I have anxiety and depression when I think of replacing my sidekick, roll dog, princess, and badass bitch.

never will I stop appreciating and cherishing our times and memories spent alongside together.

miss you,

B. HA, I.

Love Always,

B. HA, I.