This letter from Mom to Rocky Mercurio was written on Friday, December 6, 2013

Dear Rocky Mercurio,

The holidays are here and I can't believe your not here with us to enjoy the food that's on the table. Thankgiving day your Aunt had 28 people over and you missed it. Dori was under the table getting all sorts of treats. She misses you. I told her that you went to heaven. I'm going to hang your stocking up on the chimney at Christmas and put something special inside it like we always do. It's been six weeks since you crossed and it feels like yesterday. I know that we had a very ausome life together on Cape Cod. I was going to buy you a beautiful LL Bean winter coat for Christmas but you won't ever get cold in heaven. I hope they give swimming lessons in heaven because you looked really funny trying to swim. Merry Christmass my handsome dog.