This letter from Auntie Tammy to Maggie was written on Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Maggie,

I am so happy that I had the pleasure of meeting you, helping you and finding you a loving home in your last days. I met you while I was working. You would come over, begging for food. Most of the staff fed you, but I'm sure not all of them did. I would go the your home, if you can call it that and ask them to keep you in the house, but they never did. I think I saw you almost hit by cars, as you crossed the street, over a dozen times. You poor girl couldn't hear them, or maybe you didn't really care. I decided that day you came to visit us with icicles hanging off your underside that I would find you a good home. I wanted to take you in myself, but I knew my boys would give you a difficult time and you were such an old gal, I wouldn't let you go through that. I'm so sorry that I made you live at the pound for that week. It was the 'legal' way of doing things. I am so thankful those people that had you didn't come looking for you! I begged my sister to foster you until I could get you into a new home. You were a typical dog's dog, didn't like people in your face, or touching your things and you couldn't hold your bladder very well either, I knew I had to find just the right family for you. I didn't think my sister would be able to help you for a long time, you know what a clean freak she is! But...your Daddy fell head over heels for you! After a few days, so did your Mommy and they wouldn't let you leave them, they loved you so much!! Your Daddy took you everywhere with him. You loved watching the hockey games! They were so worried that day you broke free, to go do your doggie things once more, by yourself. They were everjoyed when you showed up several hours later, filthy, with a giant smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye! The last few days of your life, your Daddy was so sad. He knew you were going to have to go soon. He called me on your last day, ready to set you free so you could do your doggie things forever. I am so happy I got to be with you at the end of your life. I am so happy you cuddled with you Daddy. You change him you know. He was a grump before you. You brought such happiness into his life for the three years you lived with him! And to think the vets said you were between 15 and 17 and would be lucky to make it 6 months! You showed them girl! You may not have had the greatest life before, but I know you did for at least a few years and that you did so much to help your new family. You loved them and you never stopped liking me a whole lot too. I wish you could have stayed a little longer, but I'm happy you didn't have too much pain and you had so much love in your life. Thank you my Maggie May for comming into our lives, letting us love you and changing our worlds. I love you sweetie!


Auntie Tammy