This letter from Aunt Itee to Ellie Bear was written on Monday, January 7, 2013Ellie Bear

Dear Ellie Bear,

You were the best niece I could have asked for! Your mama was crazy for getting a kitten when she first moved to Pittsburgh, but I'm thankful she brought you into my life. You had the sweetest little face and I will miss you laying on my chest while we watched TV. I know you are in a better place with no more pain and you can finally eat again. I am so thankful we could spend the day together on Saturday before we had to say goodbye. Your mama made the best decision for you but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Please say hello to Grandpa Ganoe for me, he'll keep you company until Amber or myself get there. As I always told your mom I'd take you if anything happened to her, now you have to take me if I go before the twin.

Love you with all my heart sweet Bear.


Aunt Itee