This letter from Ashley to Rocky was written on Thursday, September 7, 2023Rocky

My sweet Rocky,

My little baby, thank you for coming into our lives. No matter how small the animal is Love is still love.

And the feelings we had for you were genuine.

Thank you

We wish you could have been here longer. We love you so deeply. I hope that we made your life Better.our hearts will hurt for you Always.

You're just the cutest sweetest little thing. And we're gonna miss having you around. To others you were just a Hamster but to us You were part of our family.

I wish we could have loved you longer. I know where ever you're at, you're roaming free.

And hope you will be waiting for us wherever you may be.

Please don't forge that, we love you so so so much. We love you Rocky and we miss you❤️‍🩹