This letter from Angela to Emmy was written on Friday, August 22, 2014Emmy

Dear Emmy,

I adopted you from a cocker spaniel rescue about 7 years ago and when I picked you up on January 6, 2008, you forever changed my life - for the better. I loved playing with your floppy ears, taking you to Rice over the weekends, and cuddling with you in bed. When I think of you, you are chasing bunnies at Rice, eating the cream cheese frosting off my carrot cake, lying on your back with your belly in the air, eating crayons off the floor that my daughter has dropped, scratching our bedsheets to make yourself a warm spot to sit, sitting on my lap when I am driving, and watching me go through the nighttime routine with my daughter. You taught me how to care for someone other than myself and prepared me for how to love my children. Even when you started to feel ill, you always had enough energy to greet me, nudge my hand for a scratch, follow me around the house, and to patiently sit next to me while I played with the kids.

I miss you so much and wish I could just see you again, give you a hug, kiss you on your nose and forehead, and give you a neck scratch and belly fart. It was beyond painful to let you go but I knew I had to for you. I let a piece of myself go that day too because I never want you to feel alone- I want a part of me to always be with you.

Thank you for sharing your life with me. I am a better person because of you. I love you immensely and I hope one day I can take you to the park again.