This letter from All of the Weavers to Callie, AKA the DINGO was written on Tuesday, April 20, 2010Callie, AKA  the DINGO

Dear Callie, AKA the DINGO,

We miss you IMMENSELY... The 4 am wake up calls. The barks that sound like they are coming from the rabid beast from hell... Knowing you would guard this house from harm and intruders if it took your last breath... Your heavy panting all night long while laying on the tile floor next to my bed. Loving Little Scarlett and newly adopted Brown Dog Molly like they were your own. Teaching Molly the truly wonderful experiences in a dog life... Chasing every squirrel that tries to steal the bird food, and rolling on your back in the grass during the mid Day sun... she does both very, very well, but has yet to catch one of those furry tailed buggers, like you amazingly did three times... I am glad you went peacefully, and lived your 11 years to the absolute fullest... At 44, you are a reminder that I must do the same. Mom, Aunt Suzie, and Linda arrive here in 8 hours, after an early flight. Although it has been almost a year since you left, they all miss you and wish you were still here. This house will always be a safe heaven for family, friends, and stray hounds. And when we go to the beach, wade in the surf, chase the shorebirds, and sprint in random directions as fast as possible, we will wish you were still here. Dingo, you and Nikki were the greatest companions a mortal human being could have ever asked for...We will love you both dearly forever.

The Pack Leader,DCW, the Bigeye Thresher.

Little Scarlett Weaver

Molly Brown Dog Weaver


All of the Weavers