This letter from your sad mom. to Jake was written on Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Jake,

I may Have taken you out of the kennel you were in only a year and a half ago but you were already in my heart while I waited to be approved to adopt you the minute I saw you I had to take you home, the shelter did not think anyone would take you because of your age and some health issues, but I saw hope in your eyes even after someone just threw you away. At fifteen you still had a lot of life left and at the time I had gained a lot of weight and was having a hard Time finding a way to lose it but you knew how I was out every day with you we went for walks,played fetch you even inspired me to eat better so I could keep up with you! You went every where with me my constant companion,no matter where I was in the house you where there. Then came the day you started to slow down you did not follow me as much you where sleeping a lot more, I knew your time here with me was getting short, but did not want to let you go but after the x-ray and the vet said your heart was enlarged I knew you were not coming home again you had congested heart failure and your lungs had filled with fluid the vet said there was also a mass in your stomach. I asked the vet for some time with you and we looked at each other and said good bye I kissed you you kissed me and it was time I held you though the entire time my heart broke that day on april fools day. jake I loved you so much you saved me as much as I saved you!!! I am missing you every day the house is so quiet,love you I will meet you at the rainbow bridge one day,wait for me love your very sad mom.


your sad mom.