This letter from Mommi xo to Mica was written on Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Mica,

It's only been a week since you went to heaven but it still feels like it was only yesterday, or only moments ago. The pain is still so raw.

I wake up and go to bed still expecting you to be there, and wishing you would be. Cuddling with you, and rocking you to sleep everynight is just one of the many things that I miss about our life together, there are so many things.

You brought so much love, joy and laughter to my life.

When you put your paws around my neck, your nose under my chin hugging me I felt so happy.

I was so proud of you when you learned all of the tricks I taught you. To sit, to give five, to catch your treats in the air and all of the other ones.

I miss you coming into the bathroom and playing with the bubbles when I had baths.

Nothing will ever be the same without you and thinking about you still hurts. I'm really sad and miss you terribly.

You were and always will be my little girl,


Mommi xo